Creator’s Letter

I wanted to share with you an initial reflection on this space, which represents a professional complement to my work tasks in the Pharmaceutical industry, which I carried out almost 30 years ago and in which, through this new project, they will surely be enriched and powered.
From my experience acquired in Computer Systems in the plant floor in these last 20 years, mainly in those of type M.E.S (Execution Systems -Platform-Manufacturing), I understand that computer systems in general. They need to be disseminated, explained in detail and offered to company owners, management personnel and other sectors that make decisions as a fundamental service and investment to improve, control and optimize the production process in their companies. For this we should, apart from disseminate and explain them, focus strongly on their advantages and benefits in order to reach potential customers, letting them know, at all times, how important it is to be able to manage accurate and real-time information on the plant floor. This will facilitate the analysis and knowledge or status of the production process which will allow us to make adequate decisions in our companies. I am convinced that clearly the systems in the different Industries, having previously carried out the proper analysis and survey of the best suited to our needs, constitute an INVESTMENT WITH PROFITABILITY NOT A meaningless EXPENDITURE, with the relative competitive advantages, optimizations and productive improvements that said investment generates. This project consists of a space based on the dissemination and training offer on everything related to the subject of Computer Systems in Industry, deciding to focus almost exclusively on the pharmaceutical industry and the MES and related systems in which I have been working for a long time. For this new task, different professionals from the Pharmaceutical Industry and related will collaborate with me on various topics in which they also have vast experience and know-how in them, further enriching the proposal and giving it an approach from different points of view, either Provided advice and training, as well as publicizing its various tools, such as softwares or programs related to the world of computing and systems on the ground floor, giving the possibility that the different people who approach this proposal can meet the systems in operation and with specific cases of application which will facilitate the understanding and visualization of all the advantages already mentioned. I send you a big greeting and I hope in one way or another you can be part of this venture from the place you can or want.
Lic. Gustavo Lago